Thursday, March 18, 2010

Treasure Chest Thursday: Pate family, near Ringgold, La., 1904

Pate family portrait, Fall 1904, near Ringgold, Louisiana, owned by M. Hall, Louisiana, granddaughter of the Pates. Digital photo by Liz Hall Morgan, Nov. 2007.

L to R, front row: Newton King Bradie (or Brady) Pate, Edna (my grandmother), Zella, Etta Cotter Pate holding baby Brady, Ora, Lucy Cotter Tullis (Etta's sister). Middle: 4 of the 6 girls: Lilla, Lucy, Minnie, Lofie, Margie &/or Lena Pate, though we're unsure who is who. Some facial detail has faded away and it's difficult to tell who some of the children are by only their ages. Weaver, Willie and Andrew are in the back.  We are not completely sure that Willie and Andrew are not misidentified for each other.

A wider view reveals more of the lumber being used to add on to the house, Etta's inheritance from her father (All those kids have to be put somewhere!).  A neighbor stopped by (R) who apparently thought he wasn't going to be in the photo, and a mule makes a cameo from the far right side.

Note: This hung in my grandmother's room at our house for years. Why we never wrote down who everyone was escapes me, but I can't believe we didn't! LABEL family portraits, even if you think you know who they are--because years later, you may not remember who was who & Grandma won't be around to tell you! :(


  1. mmmmmm - I love pate - must get some for breakfast!
    Evelyn in Montreal

  2. Paté -- like paté de fois gras? Or is it something else up there in Quebec?

  3. Greta reminder that we should always label and record things properly so that the next generation will hav e aclear picture of what they are looking at and who they are looking at

  4. Liz,I was checking sites and came across yours.I see it's been about a year since you have received any traffic here.By the way,My name is Russell Eugene Pate Jr.Living in Oakland County,MI.The photo posted by you is heartwarming and reminds me of the contribution our families are giving to this nation.God Bless Take Care.RP

  5. Hi Russell, Nice to hear from a Pate. Thanks for the comment. Drop me a line if you're related to La. Pates. You might also find the Pate genealogy mailing list at Rootsweb interesting: --Liz