Monday, March 29, 2010

Madness Monday: Mystery photo edition

This photo was found in a box of photos belonging to my paternal grandmother Elia Legere Hall (1889-1956), who grew up near Scott, Louisiana, in Lafayette Parish.  These could be relatives or friends of hers or her parents (Constant Legere or Légère and Marie Octavie McBride).  I'm not sure of the date (one fashion/costume-knowledgeable friend estimates 1901-1905), but there's a clue to the woman's identity on the back of the photo.

She writes: These little proofs are not very good but thot [thought] it would give you some idea of how we are all looking.  The boys have short hair now and I look much better than in this.  This was made about 16 mo[nths] ago.  But don't you think these three boys of mine beauties? Excuse my vanity please.
It's signed: Pae? or  Pac?  What do you think?  Pat? Initials?  Oh, and yes, I'm sure she looks much better than in that photo--hideous, right??!! LOL

If initials, I'm leaning toward "P.A.C." (Compare the "c" in "excuse" above it.)  The most prevalent "C" names in their area would probably be Cormier, Comeau(x), and Chiasson.  There are also Credeur (Caruthers) and Constantin families in the area.  None of the "C" names are closely related to our family.

Anyone want to guess at dating the photo or the ages of the people in it? 

Surnames of possible cousins: Legere, McBride, Roade, Royer, Devillier, Duhon, Dupre.  Less likely might be nieces/nephews surnamed Babineaux, Guidry, Malapart, Hernandez.  I'm almost certain it's none of my grandma Elia's siblings, and probably not a niece or nephew.  Perhaps it's a former neighbor from the Ossun or Scott area where they lived, or from Carencro, where they attended St. Peter Catholic Church.  I may post this on the Lafayette Parish GenWeb genealogy site in case anyone recognizes the family there.

Thanks for your input!


  1. Hi Liz. The style of the boys remind me of a picture I have of my grandfather when he was around 5 or 6 and he was born in 1905. good luck uncovering the identity of the people in the photo.

  2. Amazing hair style for the women.