Monday, March 8, 2010

The census is coming! The census is coming!


I'm just enough of a genealogy nerd to be all excited about this pre-census junk mail from the government.  Hubby, amused, agreed that I could be the official census-filler-outer for our household. :)  Then I read more about the questions: What?!!  "One of the shortest forms in history"?  "Ten questions in 10 minutes"?  Phooey!!!  I was excited to fill out the "long form" in 2000, but looks like I'll have to pass down this blog to someone so my gggg-niece or -nephew (in 2082) will be able to learn more about me than my address.  Of course, if genealogists designed the forms, they'd be pages long and no one would ever return them...

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  1. so so true Liz! But I do look forward to getting mine and getting it filled out. Nice post.