Wednesday, March 10, 2010

(Not So) Wordless Wednesday: 65 years ago today, Dad joined WWII

Flight log, George C. Hall, owned by Hall family of La., digital photos by Liz Hall Morgan, Feb. 2010.

After training as a dive bomber pilot, my dad, George Hall, answered the Navy's call for more fighter pilots and began training on F6F Hellcats with Fighter Squadron Six (VF-6) in Hawaii in December, 1944.  By the end of February, he was "heading for 'The Big Time'" in the Pacific, as he put it in his flight log, above.   His first flight of the war, from the aircraft carrier USS Hancock, took place on March 10, 1945 (below), over Ulithi.   He was 23 years old.


Copyright 2010, Liz Hall Morgan

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