Saturday, May 29, 2010

Surname Saturday: PATE from Virginia to Louisiana

Today we have my PATE line, from my maternal grandmother. Corrections, additions, and questions welcomed; this is a work in progress. Numbers refer to ahnentafel (pedigree chart) numbering. Sources available; see my blog for contact info.

Newton King Brady Pate and sister Serena Pate McFarland, c. 1930, probably Ringgold, La., photographer unknown. Privately held by the Hall family, La.

1. Liz HALL MORGAN - me.

2. Dad HALL.

6. Alvin Jasper STEVENSON. Born on 1? or 2 Feb 1897 (We always thought it was Feb. 2, but recently discovered a couple of records with Feb. 1! Typos?) in Athens, Claiborne Parish, LA. Alvin Jasper died in Sulphur, Calcasieu, LA, on 6 Nov 1974. Buried in Athens, Claiborne, LA (Tulip Cemetery).
On 16 Dec 1926, in Ringgold, Bienville, LA, he married:
7. Edna Maud PATE. Born on 17 Mar 1896 in Heflin, Webster, LA. Edna Maud died in Lake Charles, Calcasieu, LA, on 13 Mar 1986. Buried in Athens, Claiborne, LA (Tulip Cemetery).

14 Newton King Brady or Bradie PATE. Born on 30 Dec 1852 in Sparta, Bienville, LA.  Newton King Bradie died in Ringgold, Bienville, LA, on 15 Mar 1932.  Buried in Ringgold, Bienville, LA (Pleasant Grove Cemetery).
On 2 Sep 1886, in Bienville Parish, LA, he married his third wife (previous marriages were to Mary Elizabeth Jones and Mary E. McGraw):
15 Etta Orisca COTTER. Born on 19 Mar 1859 in Ringgold, Bienville, LA. Etta Orisca died in Ringgold, Bienville, LA, on 27 Jun 1937. Buried in Ringgold, Bienville, LA (Pleasant Grove Cemetery).

28 Anthony William PATE. Born on 11 Jun 1812 in Smith or Jackson Co., TN. Anthony William died in Heflin, Webster, LA, on 13 Jul 1894. Buried in Heflin, Webster, LA (Bistineau Cemetery). 
About 1840, he married:
29 Emily Lena (or Lena Emily), "Emily" SMITH. Born on 25 Jan 1824 in AR. Emily Lena died in Bienville Parish, LA, on 11 Apr 1896. Buried in Heflin, Webster, LA
(Bistineau Cemetery).

56 Willeroy PATE. Born abt 1773 in Bedford Co., VA?  Willeroy died abt 1844 in Smith Co., TN? Buried in Jackson County, TN.
About 1803, he married:
57 unknown. Born abt 1775.

112 Anthony PATE. Born abt 1740 in Bedford Co., VA?  Anthony died abt 1805 in Jackson Co., TN?
He married:
113 Millie. 

224 Edward PATE. Born bef 1732 (1703? 1713?) in VA?  Edward died bef May 1768 in Bedford Co., VA.
He married:
225 Martha TINSLEY? Born abt 1702.

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