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N.K.B. Pate family Bible transcription

Cotter/Pate/Young family home, 1960.  Photo by M. Hall, scanned/edited by Liz Hall Morgan.  The house was located about 3 miles south of Ringgold, La. on Hwy 7 (now US 371), but no longer exists. It belonged to William Hadden Cotter, then Etta Cotter Pate, then Zella Pate Young and their families. Many Pate reunions were held here.

Pate Family Bible Transcription with Annotations
by Liz Hall Morgan

(See my previous post for photos of the Bible and the transcribed pages.)

Bible of Newton King Brady or Bradie Pate (a.k.a. N.K.B. or "Newt") & Etta Orisca Cotter Pate of Heflin and Ringgold, Louisiana, now owned by M. Hall, their granddaughter.
1881 printing, so some events were recorded after the fact.
[Original spelling/punctuation, with corrections in brackets where necessary]


Ora adell Pate was Borned October the 28, 1898

Luccy Elizabeath Pate was borned June the 20, 1887 [Lucy Elizabeth]

Minnie Lee Pate was borned Febuary the 11, 1889

Emily Lena Pate was Borned January the 12, 1891 [a.k.a. Lena]

James Weaver Pate was Borned June the 27, 1892 [a.k.a. Weaver]

Zella Estella Pate was Borned March the 6 1894

Edna maud Pate Borned March the 17 1896

Jasper Bradie Pate was Borned August the 26 1902 [a.k.a. Brady or J.B.]

Liller Pate was borned Aug the 9 (1875) [Lilla]

Andrew nelson Pate was borned May the 21 (1878)

Lofa may Pate was borned october the 16 (1879) [a.k.a. Lofie]

Carrie Arminty Pate was borned July the 21 (1881)

Mary Margeaner Pate was borned November the 18 (1883) [probably Margeana--see "Liller" for Lilla-- a.k.a. Margie]

Anthony William Pate was borned August the 1 1885 [a.k.a. Willie or Will]


N K B Pate was Borned Dec the 30 1852 [birth recorded on marriage page] [Newton King Brady/Bradie, a.k.a. Newt]

Etta Orisca Cotter was Borned March the 19 1859 [birth recorded on marriage page]

Lucy married Lee Corley Sept 6_ 1908

Minnie Married Sawyer Wimberly Aug 30_ 1908

Lena Married Doyle Scott Mar 2_ 1926

Weaver married Della Bryan Dec. 15_ 1912

Zella married John Young Dec. 17_1938 [John C., a.k.a. "Blackie"]

Edna married Alvin Stevenson Dec 16 1926

Ora married Joel Woodard Jan 29_ 1934

Bradie married Mattie Bell Green Oct 29 1922 [Brady]

Zella married Talmage Giddens April 14 - 1963


Lena Pate Scott
August 7, 1926
with Typhoid Fever

Minnie Lee Pate Wimberly
Dec 30, 1935

Jasper Bradie Pate [Brady]
Feb. 8_ 1945

Ora Pate Woodard
September 5 _ 1958

Willie Anthony Pate
Died 1940 ["William Anthony" OR "Anthony William" on various documents. Went by "Willie" or "Will." LA Death Index has 5 Feb 1940]

Andrew Nelson Pate
Died Feb. 4_ 1963

Ollie Corley Pate
Died Sept. 14_ 1963 [Andrew's wife]

Stella [sic] Zella Young Giddens August 7, 1972 [Should be Zella Estella. Note: Edna Pate Stevenson added "Zella Pate Young Giddens died August 8, 1972 to a copy of the "Births" page. I'm not sure which date is correct.]

Lucy P. Corley Feb. 1 or 2, 1977 [Note: tombstone has Feb. 2]

Lofa May Pate Aug 1908

Liller Pate Colingsworth [Lilla Pate Collinsworth]
May 1 1907

Mary Margeaner Pate Bryan
Died Sept. 5 _ 1906
[probably should be Margeana, as "Liller" is written in same hand for "Lilla." She went by "Margie"]

N. K. B. Pate March 15 _ 1932

Etta Orisca Pate June_ 27_ 1937

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