Thursday, May 20, 2010


I've been blogging less lately, so a few quick shoutouts to thank genea-friends for recognition and to preview upcoming attractions:

• I had a "blogiversary" in January which I missed, but that's OK, I didn't blog much last year anyway.  I have blogged a lot more this year, which makes me happy, I think.  Sometimes I think I'd get more genealogy done without blogging, but I did acquire a "new" cousin recently whom I actually met in person (and liked a lot), so there's that!  And I like having a writing outlet that's all mine.

• Ruth of "Genealogy is Ruthless without Me" awarded me the "Happy 101" blog award in January without telling me :), but that's OK, I have a "Google alert" set up for my blog, so I found out anyway.  However it was around the time my dad died, so I forgot about it until recently.   So a belated thanks to Ruth for the encouragement and I'll do the whole post on it sometime soon.  And I follow her blog now! LOL

• Both Linda of "Flipside" and Dionne of "Finding Josephine" awarded me the "Ancestor Approved" award a month or so ago and I'm grateful for the encouragement and will blog about it soon also.  Thanks, Linda & Dionne!

• I also need to update a few things on some previous posts.  I have some names now for my Crossroads, LA basketball teams and also a detail or two about my second-ever blog post, re Grandpa Hall (nothing earth-shattering, just a couple of interesting tidbits).

• I recently received my dad's military file, which I'll begin posting soon.  I knew the kinds of info it might contain, but didn't realize how fun it would be to go through and was surprised at some of the contents.

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