Wednesday, May 19, 2010

(Not So) Wordless Wednesday: My dad's "Pacific"

I've been watching HBO's WWII-focused miniseries "The Pacific" and enjoying it.  I think my dad would have enjoyed it, though I'm sure he would have preferred more on the Navy and naval aviators like himself. :)  So here's a shout-out to Dad and his buddies.

George Hall (standing 2nd from R), possibly with the VF-6 air group attached to the carrier USS Hancock, 1945, at N.A.S. Hilo, Hawaii.  Photographer unknown, but probably an official U.S. Navy photograph, privately held by the Hall family, La.

Unfortunately, this photo was not labeled except for Dad's interesting note about himself.  The names of the others may be in a book our family owns, and I will certainly post more info if I find it.  I am not positive, but this is probably the VF-6 air group my dad flew with from the aircraft carrier USS Hancock.  It could also be a group he trained with.  But it looks like an official Navy photograph, so I'm guessing it's the air group, unless portraits were taken of "graduating" classes of naval aviators?  Dad initially trained on dive bombers, switched to fighters when the Navy needed more fighter pilots, and flew the F6F Hellcat in the last year of the war.

I received Dad's military personnel file last week, and am looking forward to blogging about it.  Meanwhile, you can read my other posts on Dad's Navy service here.

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  1. Good for you dad that he made comments about himself and that you know for sure which one was him. We as children love to know about our fathers before we came into their lives.