Friday, January 1, 2010

Follow Friday: Acadian and French-Canadian Ancestral Home

Note: "Follow Friday" is a daily blogging theme used by many bloggers to spotlight other blogs or resources of interest to their readers.

In honor of "Follow Friday," I'd like to occasionally recommend resources of particular interest to those researching Louisiana ancestors. If you have Cajun roots, you will no doubt find the Acadian and French-Canadian Ancestral Home website of great interest. From Acadian census records, to the fate of your ancestors during the "Grand Dérangement," to their journeys to Louisiana, you can spend hours absorbed in the wealth of material on Lucie LeBlanc Consentino's meticulously researched site. The Ancestral Home also serves as the main site for Acadian GenWeb.

Lucie is a very well-respected educator, speaker and researcher specializing in Acadian genealogy. She writes a companion blog for the site and a personal family history blog, "Lucie's Legacy." She also serves as the helpful and congenial administrator of the Rootsweb "Acadian-French Canadian" mailing list, a great group.

Now I must caution that beginners in Cajun genealogy may find all this info a bit overwhelming. If you're still working in Rev. Hebert's "Southwest Louisiana Records" volumes, you can wait before diving headfirst into Lucie's site. But if you need a little motivation for your research, don't hesitate to take a peek. It will make you want to get going on your Cajun ancestors so you can find out how you're related to those fascinating Acadian pioneers.

If you're ready to explore where your ancestors were before they got to Louisiana, this is a must-use resource. There's a reason it's my first "Follow Friday" recommendation, after all!

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