Friday, August 13, 2010

"What I did on my Treasure Chest Thursday": a Friday review

South Pasadena, Calif. Farmer's Market, 31 July 2008, from "Benjamin Page's Pasadena and Los Angeles by Benjamin Page," on Flickrphoto, used under Creative Commons license.

Treasured Afternoon
by Liz Hall Morgan

Farmer's market day
Pluots, peaches, plums, oh my!
Heirloom tomatoes

Such dazzling produce
Drat! No camera!

Sandwiches gourmet
Tuneful French accordion
Al fresco delight

Craved-for gelato
Sicilian pistachios
What more can I say?

Photos in my mind
Hubby and his lovely sis
These are my treasures

Text copyright 2010 by Liz Hall Morgan, all rights reserved.


  1. I love it!! Thank you. It's beautiful.

  2. You're welcome. We had such a fun day I was just inspired to compose a little ditty. :)

  3. Thanks! Frustrated I didn't have my camera on this day. Will have to go back w/it sometime soon.