Friday, August 6, 2010

Follow Friday: "The Cajuns" website

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Stanley LeBlanc's The Cajuns website has useful info and links for researching South Louisiana ancestors (especially Cajuns, but also others), including history, maps, place names and even a list of hurricanes to hit Louisiana.  Stanley also offers various reports for nominal fees.

Now was "b" for baptism, burial, or birth? (Oh my!)  And what was that church's name in Duson?

After I e-mailed him that I had mentioned his site's useful key to the abbreviations of Hebert's Southwest Louisiana Records (SWLR) volumes, he replied that he had been meaning to add more abbreviations lists and almost immediately added info for Hebert's South Louisiana Records (SLR) volumes.  (Both are under the "Resources" drop-down menu.) How's that for service?

Stanley has also added info for the Diocese of Baton Rouge Catholic Church Records volumes (DOBR) and the Sacramental Records of the Roman Catholic Church of the Archdiocese of New Orleans (ADNO) volumes (also under the "Resources" menu).  Each of these multivolume sets do contain a key in each book.  However, if you've used library volumes or Internet sources (trust but verify!) and aren't sure about a particular abbreviation later, or if you want to figure out what year a parish was organized to narrow down where an ancestor was baptized, for instance, Stanley's lists can be a big help.  His "Corrections" link also points you to published corrections to some of these and other well-known compilations of Louisiana records.  Don't neglect checking corrections and additions to these volumes, as you could find an elusive answer in this way.  "The Cajuns" thus is a useful complement for your South Louisiana genealogy research, and fun to peruse, as well.

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