Thursday, April 1, 2010

Treasure Chest Thursday: Pate family Bible, La.

Pate family Bible, originally owned by N.K.B. and Etta (Cotter) Pate, now owned by their granddaughter M. Hall, La.  Digital photos by Liz Hall Morgan, Nov. 2007.

Newton King Brady or Bradie Pate and Etta Orisca Cotter were my great-grandparents and my mom's maternal grandparents.  They lived near Heflin, Webster Parish, Louisiana, and then near Ringgold, Bienville, La.

The handwriting is Newt's or possibly Etta's, with some later entries on the marriage and death pages by my grandmother Edna Maud Pate Stevenson and my mom.  

The Bible's publication date is 1881, so some entries were made some time after the recorded events.

Transcription to follow in my next post.


  1. I know I don't have to tell you how lucky you are to have an old family Bible. I have seen mention of several of my line's Bibles in wills, newspaper articles, etc., but have none. Some were lost in house fires. How I would love to get my hands on just one!

  2. Even if we can't get a hold of an old family Bible there's nothing like the present to purchase one and go backwards with the ancestors. We received a Thomas Kincade "King James" version several years ago and I intend to get it updated this year...great post and what a treasure you have!

  3. Thanks--my mom is very lucky to have the bibles of both sets of her grandparents, and I have a paperback French New Testament that belonged to my Cajun paternal grandma.

    Thanks for reading! :)

  4. Cousin Janice reminded me of another Pate Bible transcription, from N.K.B. Pate's parents, Anthony William & Lena Emily (Smith) Pate, here:

    This is from Jinks Pate Lee, who died in 2008, but her site is still posted.