Thursday, May 31, 2012

Treasure Chest Thursday: Great-Grandma Maggie's Quilts (updated)

Sampler quilt by my great-grandma Maggie, made from samples of men's suit material.  1930s or earlier, Marsalis (Crossroads community), Claiborne Parish, La.

Today I'm "treasuring" a quilt owned by my mom and made by my great-grandmother Maggie Elizabeth McCoy Stevenson.  I'll have to ask Mom where Maggie got the suiting material for the quilt, perhaps from a local merchant's sample book.

My mom & sis took several family quilts in 1989 to be photographed for the Louisiana Quilt Documentation Project.  You can see four more photos of Maggie's handiwork here; more quilts from across the country can be found at the Quilt Index website.

10/6/2012 UPDATE:  Mea culpa.  The quilt above is by Maggie, but the pink one previously pictured here apparently is not.  Not all the family quilt photos Mom sent me were labeled, and I confused my mom's grandmothers.  I've removed the pink quilt's photo until I verify its creator (probably Etta Cotter Pate).

This time I plan to send my mom large printed thumbnails of the photos with questions jotted next to them on the paper instead of attempting to describe the photos over the phone (the hazards of long-distance family history gathering!).  I'll post more quilt photos in the future, after I verify the info as much as possible!  Genealogy is always a work in progress, yes?

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  1. Very nice! I have never heard of the quilt indexing project but it is a wonderful idea. I also have a great quilter in my family tree, I'll have to catalog her information and see if I can get her work indexed. I especially love your great-grandma's Rolling Rock.

  2. Thanks Heather! I don't see a place for individuals to submit quilts to the Quilt Index other than a signature quilt project in 2009, but check their wiki and/or contact them in case there are plans in the works.