Thursday, October 7, 2010

William Hadden will excerpts

I recently came across some notes given to my family by my cousin Zola Scott Hardy, who extracted info from the will of William Hadden, my 4th-great-grandfather, of Jefferson County, Georgia.  Here is a transcription, with Zola's notes in parentheses & my notes in brackets.

Extracts from will of William Hadden
Jefferson Co. Ga. 20 Dec. 1813
died 22 Nov 1819

I, William Hadden of the Co. of Jefferson, Ga. ...

Item #1. my dau. [daughter] Sarah Clements tract of land lying on (looks like) Chevises Creek granted to Samuel Gordon [possibly Wm.'s wife Mary Gordon's father Samuel] containing 150 ac. [acres] & reserving 200 ac. ...
[There is a "Chevises Creek" in SC deed books I found through Google books.  I wonder if this land is in Edgefield County, SC?  There is a "Cheves Creek" in that county on Google maps.]

Item #2. ... to my two sons Gordon Hadden and William Hadden tract of land lying on the Ohoopie in Wash. [Washington] Co. cont. [containing] 287 1/2 ac.

Item #3. ... to my son Thomas Hadden that part of tract of land on which I now live, lying on Reedy Branch & to the west side of the rd. leading to Hutchins's land toward Ogechee River following the old rd. until it strikes Bothwell's line ...

Item #4. Mary Hadden [wife] the remaining part of the tract of land on which I now live ... after her death it to be divided bet. my son Thomas Hadden and my dau. Mary Hadden my son Gordon Hadden my dau. Margaret Hadden & my son William Hadden ...

Item #4. [sic, should be #5?] my negro man Abram & negro woman Esther & whole of my stock of horses, cattle & hogs, together with my household & kitchen furniture & plantation tools shall be retained in the hands of my executors herein named for the use and support of the said family for five years from date hereof [late 1819? He died 22 Nov. 1819] & after the expiration of 5 yrs. to be divided as follows:
     Household & kitchen furn. equally divided bet.
     my wife Mary Hadden
     [my] child: Margaret Hadden
                    William Hadden
                    Gordon [Hadden]
                    Mary [Hadden]
      and the negros & stock share and share ...
 (Here does not mention daughter Sarah Clements.)

[Of the daughters, Sarah Hadden m. James CLEMENTS; Margaret A. Hadden m. Beniah S. CARSWELL; Mary Hadden m. David COTTER.]

I nominate and appoint my beloved wife Mary Hadden, Exectrix [sic] & Mr. Samuel Clements [possibly related to Sarah Hadden Clements' husband] exector [sic] of this my last will ...

Witness: John Lawsons or Larsons (hard to read)
               Isom MClendon (maybe McClendon)
               Andrew B. Lawson

Extracted by: Zola Scott Hardy, a 3rd great granddau. of Wm. Hadden through his dau. Mary Hadden who md. David COTTER . [Mary] later md. in Stewart Co. Ga. Samuel Garrett [23 Feb 1840].  Find no later record of Mary Hadden Cotter Garrett.  Three of her children came to Ringgold, Bienville, La. area: son William Hadden Cotter b. 1825 who md. Elizabeth Ann Farress [Faress, Farris] 19 June 1856 Bienville [Parish], La., dau. Sarah Jane Cotter md. John Hide [or Hyde?] Scott 18 Feb 1846 Stewart Co., [GA],  dau. Mary David Susan Cotter md. David Jackson Crumpton Stewart Co. Ga.

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