Thursday, June 3, 2010

Treasure Chest Thursday: Dad's military personnel file, part two

I'm sharing the recently-acquired military personnel file for my dad, a WWII U.S. Naval aviator in the Pacific, a few pages at a time.  Click here to see part one, and click on any image to enlarge it.

These forms continue Dad's application for Naval aviator training.  Apparently there was no birth certificate issued in Lafayette Parish, La., in 1921 for him (The Louisiana Secretary of State's website says that statewide records were not kept until "about 1918." Some parishes were probably slower than others to comply), so his parents signed an affidavit giving Dad's birth date and place (actually in the community of Ossun, but the post office address was Scott).  This is the most handwriting I've ever seen from my "mystery grandpa," Robert Hall.

Dad was not quite 21 and had to have his parents' consent to enlist.  Now this is interesting -- the notary has typed my grandpa's name Robert Lee Hall.  I think this is a misunderstanding of "Robert B.," which Grandpa went by ('B' is for "Bunyan").  I may have to look for him as "Robert Lee Hall," in records now, though, if only to leave no stone unturned.  But certainly there were LOTS of Robert Lee Whozit's in the South--hence, the mis-hearing--and who would make up a middle name like Bunyan--then give it to one of his sons (my uncle John)??!!  Besides, he signed "Robert" on both forms.  I'm probably just wishing for a new Grandpa lead here.

Another fun find in Dad's application file: his Sulphur High School transcript.  He looks like a fairly solid 'B' student, with some C's.  Not surprisingly, his A's are in Geometry and Biology (he studied Bio in college, briefly attended med school, and ended up in the petrochemical industry).  Wonder if I can get his college records?  More fun to come with his recommendation letters next.

Would you turn over in your grave if your kids posted your HS transcript on "the Internets"? :)

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