Friday, February 26, 2010

Winter 2010 GeneaBloggers Games: My results

Flags representing (upper) my ancestry as a (primarily) Franco-British-American and (lower) the flag of Louisiana Cajuns (I grew up in SW La.).

I've been participating in the Winter 2010 GeneaBloggers Games as a way to goad myself into tidying up and organizing my myriad piles of genealogical files, photos, papers and books.  Has it worked?  Well, if I stopped all blogging, reading blogs and replying to e-mail, maybe.  Not to mention life in general.  But genealogicus interruptus happens, so my desk is only about 2/3 straightened.  But it's progress!  So yay, I'm a winner!!!

I competed primarily in Events #2 & 3.  In #2: Back Up Your Data, I completed Task A & am only partially finished with Task B, so I give myself a Bronze medal.  In Event #3, Organize Your Research, I completed Task A (hard copies, books, etc.) about 3 times over and Task D (digital photos) at least once by uploading all my iPhoto photos into Picasa to try out the face recog, so I'm going to give myself a Silver medal there, though I still have some Picasa fooling around to do before I decide to use it for metadata or upgrade to the latest iPhoto or other software.

In addition, I Expanded My Knowledge (Event #4) by reading up on past GeneaBloggers posts for bloggers and I: 1. learned some nifty HMTL code to use, 2. got myself a Creative Commons license, and 3. played around with some label clouds.  So the tasks were not the same, but I'm still giving myself a Silver for expanding my blog tech knowledge through catching up with GeneaBlogger tutorials.  (I think Thomas would approve--I'd already done two of the listed tasks, anyway. :) )

I also get a Bronze for Write, Write Write (Event #5, pre-publishing blog post task) and a Silver for Reach Out & Perform Acts of Genealogical Kindness (Event #6, commenting on & following blogs tasks)--though I wasn't really competing there, just doing stuff I would do anyway.

So, my tally? 2 bronzes and 3 silvers.  Not bad.  Now back to real life, and back to focusing on those files and my desk so I can post a new improved desk photo! :)

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